What to do if you are stuck in life?


When I see this picture I can only see a depressed, frustrated, unfocused, undisciplined individual that is not living up to his potential.

I am no stranger to hard work. I’m no stranger to pain or suffering. I’m no stranger to putting myself in uncomfortable situations and succeeding in life. Matter of fact my whole life at times I feel like has been one big selection process.

I had to fight my way in the military. I volunteered for Recon Indoctrination Platoon (RIP), pushed through Amphibious Reconnaissance School (ARS/BRC), then continued to Marine Special Operations

Assessment and Selection (MARSOC A&S), not to mention the myriad of other schools and training courses that were no easy feat to graduate from.

But then I leave that world behind and enter into “regular life” and allow myself to fall apart? Doesn’t make any sense….

I mean I’m a warrior! How do I go from this to this in just a few years?

I go from leading hundreds of men in a foreign country, working with tribal leaders and warlords to being checked out from being a father, husband, and overall man.

I was seeking anything that would fill the void and make me feel good. I had no clear purpose, no clear vision, and due to not having one I was digging holes in my own life.

I was looking for anything to distract me from the real issues. After my divorce, it was anything that was a good time, booze, women, porn, parties, etc. because that was way easier than having to look in the mirror and own up that the guy staring back at me was responsible for not having what I want or being the person I was supposed to be.

  • Not setting the example for my kids, is my fault!
  • Not making the money I want, my fault!
  • Me looking like a pudding cup instead of the stud I once was, my fault!
  • Not being the honorable man I was supposed for my future wife, my fault!

It wasn’t until I got some help and started to work on ME that things changed.

It started with my fitness because that is the foundation that men are built upon. If your fitness is fucked then so will you. I don’t care how successful you think you are you will always be limited in your growth and you and I both know you are a sad depressed person.

Then I made the decision that growth was a choice. I became obsessed with making progress in my personal growth. I wanted mentors, I wanted knowledge, anything that would make my perception change and learn.

I got the fat off my body, I got my hormones in check, and I got laser-focused on my business and the direction it needed to go.

Then I continued by hiring high-level business mentors and coaches. This only speeded the growth process up even more. Money started to not be an issue, my relationships started to improve, and then others were looking to me for even more leadership and guidance.

But hear me! Most of your problems are not external. Your family and money issues are 100% your fault! You see it wasn’t until I realized that I was the one holding me back that everything changed.

So ask yourself are you where you want to be? Are you being your own worst enemy?

Stop the cycle right now. Join a group of men who are fed up with mediocrity in their lives. Feed up with being less than average. Feed up with not growing, not leading, and being stuck!

Don’t waste one more second feeling sorry for yourself, stop the cycle of the victim mentality, and look yourself in the mirror and say it’s time to be the man I know I’m supposed to be! The man I know I am on the inside.

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What to do if you are stuck in life?

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