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Nicholas Koumalatsos

Nick Koumalatsos is not only an esteemed entrepreneur and former Marine Raider but also a captivating public speaker with a story that resonates. As the visionary co-founder of Johnny Slicks, he has elevated the importance of organic grooming and self-care for men. Beyond products, his deep-rooted commitment to men’s holistic well-being is exemplified through his collaboration with Core Medical Group, advocating for the life-enhancing benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). As the driving force behind Agoge, he has showcased the synergy between physical fitness and mental strength in achieving personal and professional milestones. Nick's book, "Excommunicated Warrior: 7 Stages of Transition", is a testament to his resilience and offers profound insights into tackling life's adversities. Available for public speaking engagements, Nick promises not only to inspire but also to transform audiences with his unique blend of experiences, strategies, and motivational insights. Elevate your next event by having Nick share his compelling journey.


Nicholas Koumalatsos

Speaking Topics

  • Transition And Resilience:

    Drawing from his book, "Excommunicated Warrior: 7 Stages of Transition," Nick can delve deep into the challenges of transitioning—from military life to civilian or any significant life change. Learn to navigate life's transformative periods with resilience.

  • Holistic Men's Health:

    Leveraging his collaboration with Core Medical Group and his emphasis on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Nick can provide insights into the comprehensive approach to men's health. Discover the synergy between physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Leadership Lessons From A Special Operations Marine Raider:

    With his background as a Marine Raider, Nick can share unique leadership principles gleaned from the military. Gain invaluable insights for both corporate leadership and personal growth.

  • The Synergy Of Physical Fitness And Mental Fortitude:

    Heading Agoge, Nick understands the intricate relationship between a strong body and a strong mind. Explore strategies to build mental toughness through physical fitness.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit And Vision:

    Nick's journey from the military to successful ventures like Johnny Slicks offers lessons on entrepreneurship. Learn about the importance of vision, passion, and perseverance in business success.

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