DON’T MIND THE MESS – 1 Month Postpartum Progress

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I made a decision in 5th grade. That decision changed my life forever. I remember sitting in the back of my music classroom waiting for my turn for “REJOICE” musical group tryouts. There was a huge line of middle-schoolers waiting to show off their charisma, and natural talent.  There I was, a chubby little  freckle-face 11-year-old with braces, (with lines from on my face from sleeping on my headgear the night before) sweating profusely in my snug private school uniform.I knew I was nervous, I knew I wasn’t the best singer – by far… and I knew that out of the 160 kids waiting to try out, only 12 would make it. I knew my voice would crack when I got up to sing. *sigh*

But, I also knew how hard I had practiced. I stayed after  everyvday to go over the music with my teacher. I knew how much time I spent in front of the mirror doing the choreography…  As I was watching the incredible singers from the older grades belt their hearts out, I decided something. What does it matter what everyone thinks of me at tryouts? I WANT THIS! – I am just NOT going to care. Something came over me, freedom from fear of failure. I wanted it, more than I cared what everyone was thinking about me.

I got up and had fun. I was shaking but I was smiling.

WELP, I made it. I was selected with 11 other kids to a special singing group that toured and performed in our area and on the road!

I taught myself the lesson of a lifetime. I may never be the BEST at anything. I might not be as cute, or as talented as the competition… But my attitude and hard work will be my advantage. I would never let way I look or feel while I’m under construction or working towards my goals effect my process…. When it comes to fitness or anything else- If are developing yourself – until you reach your own personal success; remember you are under construction! Maybe you just had a baby, maybe you never lost the baby weight, maybe you just fell off he wagon. It doesn’t matter, start NOW and…


What does that mean for me now?  That means I couldn’t care less how I look in the gym when I am sweating my ass off. That means I get really excited to share my progress.

And that means I will never let my “body under construction” discourage me from my ultimate goal. 


  • Get on the scale. – Find out where you’re starting.
  • Find out your BF and BMR. – Who gives a shit if anyone knows what you weight or how much body fat you have? 


  • Track your progress – give yourself something to be excited about at the beginning of the next month!
  • Work – Work hard, take the sweater off your waist, SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES…. Don’t be shy lol! look at yourself in the mirror and take charge of your body Put in the work!

Don’t worry about what anyone else is thinking about you – or what you are thinking about yourself keep you from your progress!


Looking for a place to start?


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