How Special Operations Taught Me To Set Myself Up For Success


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Several years ago I wrote an article about the 6 habits of successful people. I was personally struggling with balancing work, life, and health. I was thinking to myself “how do people do it?”. I started to look at some of the most successful people in a variety of industries and they all had some common themes.

These were the common habits of some of the most successful people.

1. Make Sleep a Priority

2. Strict Physical Fitness Routine

3. Solid Nutrition Plan

4. Strict Routine (Which is what we are discussing)

5. Can Dress The Part

6. Very Small Circle

Read the article 6 Habits Of The Most Successful People

The old saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.

Such a simple thought process can be overwhelming but at the end of the day its just one step in front of another that eventually gets you there. Maybe you are wanting to write a book, lose weight, start a business but the thought of the whole thing is overwhelming. So, how do we do this? Instead of being overwhelmed by the desired endstate lets build a routine and a plan to accomplish your goals.

When I was serving with Marine Special Operations Command as a Marine Raider you can imagine the level of operational planning that goes into everything we do. We would have the desired end state then work backward to where we currently are and develop a phase line approach to reach that desired endstate.

This way we did not have to worry about the endstate but just accomplishing the first phase line and that first initial goal is what we would focus our operations on.

As I said before, whether it’s writing a book or losing weight the process is the same.

If you want to lose 30lbs in 90 days then break it down into 10 pounds a month. Then the goal is 2.5 pounds a week. See how much more manageable that is via 30 lbs total. We are now just concerned with 2.5 pounds. Now that we have our week goal we can plan out our week that ensures our success. Everything from our sleep, our training and work schedule as well as our nutrition. We have to build the daily operation plan that gets us to achieve our near target goal. I do it like this.

0500 Wake up: Take my Strong Reds, Greens, Infocus. Have some coffee or tea while I catch up on emails.

0600-0700 Some sort of physical fitness, for me that is BJJ.

0700-0800 Breakfast and getting ready for the day.

0800-0900 Get kids to school (back when that was a thing-now they drive) help the family get out the door. Otherwise, I get straight to work.

0900-1600 (Work) Now this is where you break everything down by 30 min or 1-hour block.

  • Block out each hour with a task, even your lunch. Schedule everything!
  • This is where you eat that elephant one bite at a time. If you are writing a book, block out an hour for writing every day at the end of the week you have at least 5 hours of writing completed.
  • I will block out an hour for replying to my Social Media. Than an Hour for working on Johnny Slicks, Then an hour updating clients for Agoge Training.
  • You will find yourself at the end of the week amazed at how much you have accomplished by being this focused.

1600-1730 Training at the gym.

1730-1830 Dinner with the family.

The best way to do this is get a journal and create your schedule by scratch or use a day planner. Instead of shooting in the dark and scrambling through your week, be a precision instrument with a laser focus on your goal. If you build out a schedule for your week and stick to it to the best of your ability (because let’s be real life will always throw us a curveball) but we just get right back on our routine. This will give you the focus you need to reach. your phase lines one at a time and over a period of time you will accomplish that bigger goal with never really looking at the 1000 meter target. Just focus on the 100 meeter target, one shot at a time.

If you need a good journal to start the process I have personally used Best Self Co and its a great to help you realize your goals and help you break them down. By no means an ad for their product just one of the best ones I have found to assist you in getting goals on paper and building out your schedule.

Good luck this week and I hope you crush that 100 Meter Target!

-Nick Koumalatsos

Here is some mid week week motivation. The first client has lost over 30lbs in 90 days. The second is less than 60 days in and making drastic changes to body composition.

Two different goals but here is where they mirror up.

If you talk to them, something is different. Something happens to our brains when we lose the fat, when we build muscle, when we become healthy, when we start reaching our goals. We become happier, we become stronger, and we see the world differently. We accomplish more, we work harder, and we love every step of the way!

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